Wireless Charger
Wireless Charger
Wireless Charger
Wireless Charger
Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger

for Tesla Model 3

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The Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charger is the premier smartphone charging tool while you’re on the road. We have meticulously designed it to fit perfectly in the designated charging dock of your Model 3 and it has been engineered to comfortably and quickly charge two devices simultaneously. With an anti-slip rubber base to create extra stability, neither the charger nor your phone will slide out of place while driving. Optimized for iPhone X and 8 with a 7.5 W charge output.

    • Optimal dual 7.5W phone wireless charging
    • Integrated 5,700mAh battery to boost charging speed
    • LED lights indicating charging status
    • Rated to 65 °C (150 °F)
    • Compatible with all Apple and Android wireless charge enabled devices
    • Uses one or two USB ports, see FAQ for more info
    • Optional spacers included for smaller phones
    • Seamlessly integrates into your Model 3
  • Materials
    • Molded TPE
    • Polycarbonate frame
    • Anti-skid rubber grip
  • Technical
    • Max output of 7.5W for each side (15W total)
    • 5,700mAh internal battery
    • LED light charging status
      • White: Fully charged
      • Amber: Charging
    • Optional spacer included for smaller form factor phones for coil alignment
  • Wireless compatibility
    • iPhone X, iPhone 8 +, iPhone 8
    • All Qi enabled Android devices
  • Warranty
    • 2 Years
  • Does this use both front USB ports?
    Optionally. In order to achieve fast wireless charging for two devices simultaneously, both front USB ports must be attached to this device. It can be plugged into one port while the other is accessible, and this will solely cause two phones to charge at a slower rate.
  • What if my passenger doesn't have a wireless charging device?
    For standard cable charging, you have three options: the 12V Power Outlet in the center console, the 2 rear USB ports, or you can operate the charger with one port and route a cable around the sidewall (we would recommend using an L-shaped cable, like the ones standard with the Tesla, if this is the way you want to go).
  • Will my phone charge when the car is off?
    No. We have designed this device to turn on and off with your car. This allows us to conserve battery power when it is not being used, while providing a reliable charge when it is.
  • What do the LED lights indicate?
    Charging status. Quickly recieve visual confirmation if your phone is charging, or already fully charged. When a device is charging, an amber light will turn on. For devices that are fully charged, the light will turn white.
  • What phones require the use of the included spacer?
    If you have an iPhone 8 and don't have a case on your phone, we suggest placing the spacer on your charging pad.
  • How to install:
    First, push to open the top center console, then pull back the center cover in front of the cup holders. Remove the black protection piece covering the charging ports by sliding it slightly to the left. Then, remove the preinstalled pad and the charging cables by unplugging them from the ports and stringing them through the holes in the frame.

    Next, grab your new Wireless Charger and feed the integrated cables through the holes in the frame and plug them into the ports. Place the charger on the frame and return the black protection piece back to the base of the console.

    Estimated installment time: 1 minute.

Wireless Charger

- for Tesla Model 3

Fast Wireless Charging

We know your time is valuable; we amplify your Model 3's power with two high-power 7.5W coils to charge your wireless devices as fast as possible. Quickly place your phone on our charging pad without worrying about cables or ports, and get back to enjoying your ride.

Dual USB, Dual Phones

Using both front USB ports allows us to generate enough power to provide a fast charge to two phones at once.

LED Charging Status

Know at a glance if your phone is charging or fully charged with our built in charging indicator lights.

Size Doesn't Matter

If your phone can charge wirelessly, it will work with our charger - all form factors are compatible with use of our included optional spacers.

As Efficient as Your Tesla

By combining the power of both front USB ports with an additional integrated 5,700mAh battery, we provide you the ability to simultaneously charge 2 phones as fast as possible.

We Understand Wireless

Being able to achieve optimal charging speeds across both high-power 7.5W coils to simultaneously fast charge 2 phones requires an extra boost of power which we deliver from our integrated 5,700mAh battery.

Built For Maximum Traction

We’ve built the Wireless Charger to be used in any and all driving conditions. Coated in a high end thermoplastic rubber, in addition to side and bottom walls, your phone will stay in place on even the tightest corners.